National Legal Framework

Recalling the United Nations Human Rights Council land mark resolution supporting freedom of expression on the council affirmed that “the same rights that people have offline must also be protected online, in particular freedom of expression, which is applicable regardless of frontiers and through any media of one’s choice.”….

Unwanted Witness (UW) monitors policy and legal-frame work on internet freedom. We engage in processes that advice government on internet governance and lobby for a conducive legal framework that guarantees internet freedom and internet safety. Interventions are deduced to include drafting of policy briefs; making shadow reports to relevant human rights bodies to which Uganda is signatory; interface between internet actors and government agencies on internet freedom….

UW also offers legal support to internet users including bloggers, netizens among others whose work is being threatened. And, strategic litigation to challenge government actions that threaten the enjoyment of online freedoms..

Cyber laws/laws governing online freedoms
1. Constitution of The Republic of Uganda
2. Anti – Pornography Act, 2014
3. Anti Terorrism Act 2002
4. Access to Information Act 2005
5. Electronic Transactions Act
6. Electronic_Signatures_Act_2011
7. National Information Technology Authority Uganda Act 2009
8. Penal Code Act Chapter_120
9. Uganda Communications Act 2013
10. Whistleblowers Protection Act 2010
 11 The Regulation of Interception of Communications Act, 2010

12                Computer Misuse Act