Over 2000 residents of Kamunga village, Kalungu district have regained their land rights after government through the Ministry of lands ordered Lukaya Town Council, lands authorities and any other interested parties to halt the residents’ eviction from the 30 acre of land pending an independent investigation into the issuance of three land titles on the same property.

The pending land eviction in Kamunga village in kalungu district was reported to the land Ministry which prompted the lands minister Daudi Migereko and his team to visit the scene to allow thorough investigations.

During the site visit, the commissioner of lands administration Sarah Mulinde Mukasa revealed that although Lukaya Town Council was offered part of the land in question, it’s administrative claim is no longer valid since it never processed a land title.

Mulinde noted that following the compliant by the sitting tenants, the ministry of lands has since discovered that there 3 land titles over the same property.

She asked the tenants to stay calm as the ministry continues with its investigations into how the existing 3 land titles were processed and issued out.

The residents are also backed by the area member of Parliament who is also the state Minister for Agriculture Vincent Sempijja. He called for strict enforcement of the land law to protect the bonfide occupants from land grabbers.

 “We are seeking assistance from the ministry to get this stalment out of the way; we want people to be assured that they will not be dislodged from where they have leaved for many years. And that the landing site will not be taken over by new land owners”-Ssempijja said.

Ssempijja stresses that under the new law there is no way you can remove people who have been staying on the land for a long period of time adding that the commissioner had also confirmed to the group that Bonfide occupants take precedent in all matters.



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