By Emmy Ojara

Ivan Opiyo a 22 year old born of Got-Nguu village in Purongo sub county district have reported accesibilty to his land right after at least ten years of domestic violence between his father and mother which sent them away from home.

Ivan Opiyo reported to our reporter said they have been living with their mother for over ten years when their parents involved in a dispute sending his mother away from his father`s home which they consequently together with his brother Erick Ocira where both sent off from their father`s family who cited they were their mother`s allies.

He said life with the mother however never seemed easy because of inadequate land plots to cultivate and growing population within the family. he said they never much had land to cultivate and often despised by their mother`s relation, he says it is undoubtedly because they could have been looked at as threats to freedom of their land.

He though applauded that his aunt and other local leaders took action over the matter probably because they were given publicity and came to mediate the issue. He said an understanding between both parties including their parents and the children emerged in which his father agreed they go back and settle to his place offering each of them one acre of land for cultivation and setting up their own homes.

Nwoya district RDC Beatrice Akori had earlier reported decrease in land conflicts and disputes within the district due to sensitization and from the local authorities and district leadership.

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