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    UW Photo: Jacob Hoffman-Andrews, right, and Jeff Hodges of Twitter worked on Perfect Forward Secrecy, a stronger encryption protection. By NICOLE PERLROTH and VINDU GOEL

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    Citizens as agents of change–Time to wake up

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    Unwanted Witness report on internet freedoms in Uganda

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    Worldwide Internet, social media and mobile statistics: Dig into 183 pages of data

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    UW Photo:Firms like Google and Yahoo say they have been outraged by allegations of NSA spying

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    Map of NSA SCS Spy Facilities AUSCANNZUKUS Five Eyes

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    New Photos of the NSA and Other Top Intelligence Agencies Revealed for First Time (II)

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    The GCHQ program saves one image every five minutes from the users’ feeds.

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    Kampala city UW offices

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    African Declaration on internet Rights and freedoms


    Let’s Encrypt: Delivering SSL/TLS Everywhere; Coming soon

  • Speaker: Dr Mayambala Kakungulu

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    Protect your info, have strong keys & keep them to your self,

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    We need a privacy policy to stop mass surveillance

  • Join the Conversation #ICT4WOMEN

    Join the Conversation #ICT4WOMEN

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